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Tak Nak Merokok ! Boleh dapat hadiah sekali.

8 Syawal 1433H


Ya, merokok sememangnya memberi impak negatif terhadap manusia. Bahaya bukan hanya kepada perokok malah orang yang berada di sekeliling perokok juga. Sila baca di bawah ni:

Now, we want YOUR voice to be heard! Tell us why you think smoking is uncool and stand a chance to be featured alongside your favourite celebrities in a new never-revealed footage!
Selected winners will also bring home these awesome prizes!:

First Prize: LG 32" LED TV
Second Prize: SAMSUNG 40" LCD TV
Third Prize: Nokia Tablet N810
Fourth Prize: Canon Selphy Compact Photo Printer
Fifth Prize: Apple Ipod Shuffle 2G
How To Join:
1.Film your video in HD and complete this sentence in 30 words or less:
- English: "I think smoking is not cool because..."
- Bahasa Malaysia: "Merokok tidak 'cool' kerana..."
2.Upload your video to YouTube and title your video "I Choose to Unlike Cigarettes - 'Insert your name'. Video must not be longer than 1 minute.
3.Submit your entry/entries via the Entry Form below!
4.Click on the Terms & Conditions link below to learn more about the contest!
5.Remember to be as creative as possible and make sure you can be clearly heard!

Mest best dapat hadiah macam tu kan? Mesti korang teringin kan? Jadi apa lagi, cepat2 klik gambar di atas ni ok !

Jom katakan TAK NAK MEROKOK ! sebarkan kepentingan ni!

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