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How to Renovate your House to Increase the Market Value

How to Increase the Market Value of House

So, you have a house in Setapak you want to put on sale but you realised that your house pricing is not comparable to the house nearby because of the house condition. Hence, you might want to consider to do a few upgrades to guarantee the best possible price. Though it may sound like a hassle, some low-cost changes can attract potential buyers and significantly increase the value recovered after a sale. Here are some of the renovation tips you could use to upgrade your house.

Increase the Market Value of House

1. Kitchen’s the heart

While the kitchen is the heart of the home, it shows the importance of the heart to the buyer. It means a lot to those potential buyers. Similarly to the outdoor space, they need to be able to draw a picture by the look and feel. Some like their kitchen wide as space for bonding to cook up a feast and some like their kitchen to be small as they don’t cook often.

However, kitchen renovations can be pricey but before you begin your renovation, best is to get some survey from the contractors. Besides, you can consider a minor fix and if done right, you can get your cost back after selling your property.

You can consider leaving the cabinet boxes where they are instead of replacing everything. Update those cabinets with the modern doors and drawer fronts. Your countertop don’t have to be the finest marble, replace the old surfaces with new laminate and update the fixtures like sinks and taps.

2. Revolutionise your bathroom

If your bathrooms are outdated, you could consider making an impact by upgrading the bathrooms. Bathrooms are considered the number two selling points in most homes, that’s because it’s all about hygiene. If your bathroom is squeaky clean and aesthetically pleasant looking, you can impress them with your bathroom and you are halfway closing the deal. Even with tiny fixing can give you great return on investment. Just like the kitchen, you don’t need to spend a fortune to make big upgrades.

Perhaps you may consider replacing the toilet with a more efficient and modern look. If you have a good old-fashioned bathtub, consider replacing it with tile shower as it looks sleek and modern. It also provides valuable extra space in the bathroom.

3. Shower your entrance some love

The first impression counts for everything and it can be hard to change a potential buyer’s mind once they have been put off by a security facade. It is worth investing in the street presence of your own home with a new coat of fresh paint, new or repaired gutter, a leak-free roof and an alluring garden. While landscaping might cost just one percent of the property’s value but those in the know reckon it can increase your spelling proposition more than any other renovation on a ringgit - for - ringgit basis.

4. If you have an outdoor space, show it off

We are not telling you to brag but we want your outdoor space looks appealing and beautiful. If there’s anyone who looks into buying a property knows that square footage and living space is a huge factor in pricing. Maximise your outdoor space so people can see it as an extra room. Now that with the indoor-outdoor living experience is an in trend, it continues to grow with new buyers who see the space as an all-weather extension of the house. It is worth showing off the house as much as you can where it does not cost a fortune. Whether you have a balcony or garden, invest in some striking but classy outdoor furniture with universal appeal. 

5. Fresh coat of paint can make all the difference

The cheapest update you can make has the best returns on your investment, painting your home’s interior. Perhaps, once you have lived in a place for a long time, it is easy to become blind to those wear and tear of your walls especially if you have young children. Wait till you see the fresh coat of paint can make a difference on your walls. With new paint, it lightens the rooms, hides visual defects and instantly makes space feel fresh and clean. We advise you to stick to basic and neutral colours to avoid your future houseowners mind boggling.

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