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What Finger is the Engagement Ring on?

All About Engagement Rings

If you are preparing to marry, you will need to give importance to many things. Before getting married, you will go through different and beautiful phases of your life, and the engagement phase is one of the priceless phases of this journey. This phase of your journey will demand a lot of things, such as where you buy the engagement ring, what your engagement ring finger, and what finger is the engagement ring on.

Wearing a diamond engagement ring has become more than the norm. However, there is no exact answer to what finger engagement ring goes on. Because most people belonging to different cultures, countries, and tastes give different meanings and importance to this thing.

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Reading on will let you know a bit more about these things, and you will also come to know about the history of which engagement ring finger goes on.

What Do You Know About an Engagement Ring Finger?

An engagement ring finger is about deciding what finger the engagement ring goes on. Different people in different times attach different meanings to this thing, and you can see this thing by looking at the history of this myth.

A Brief History of Engagement Ring Fingers for Both Genders

This was a common practice and a norm to choose the ring finger when deciding on an engagement ring finger. If we talk about this, you will see that time has changed, as have people's interests and practices. Let's look at the different times in history and their meaning to the engagement ring finger.

In the old days, Romans attached the meaning of true love to the ring finger (fourth finger of the left hand) and used to wear the engagement ring on this same finger. They find that this finger has some close and strong connections with one's heart. People still stick to this old practice, which goes for both men and women. This practice has been seen in most western cultures.

When it comes to eastern cultures, you will see a 90-degree turn from this practice. Here, the people consider the fourth finger of the right hand as the only engagement ring finger.

If we talk about European cultures, we will find contradictions in this practice because different countries of Europe choose different engagement ring fingers. For some countries, it could be the fourth finger of the left hand, while for others, it could be the fourth finger of the right hand as your engagement ring finger.

There is something worth mentioning when it comes to an engagement ring finger for females. It is a common practice for women to wear engagement rings. However, when it comes to men, you won't see any such practice back in the old days. This is all happening in this modern age.

Modern-day Concept of An Engagement Ring Finger

Wrapping up all these interesting things, you will find that the modern day has changed the meaning of all these things. Now, the most important thing is your commitment towards your love instead of deciding which engagement ring finger you should choose for yourself. It's not about the finger. It's all about your love, commitment, dedication to your love, sincerity, and above all, your pure soul.

Where to Buy Engagement Rings?

Seeing this you have learned that the regular practice is to wear the engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hand whether it is for men or women. I'm sure you are also looking for some unique diamond engagement rings to give more magic to your love.

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Recently, an emerging engagement ring brand is gaining popularity among young Malaysians because of its unique brand culture. This engagement ring brand is Darry Ring, which promotes “The only DR for The Only One”. Its unique brand culture is quickly differentiating it from other engagement ring brands of its kind, even though they all sell beautiful diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and unique jewelry.

You can choose any renowned engagement ring brand for getting an engagement ring. However, choosing Darry Ring for your beautiful moment won't make you regret it because their True Love Agreement will guard your love, and the DR engagement rings from the world's top designers are enough to make you the most noticeable in the crowd.

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