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5 Reasons Why Bagdogra Can Be your next Holiday Destination This Summer

Where actually is Bagdogra?

If you’re one of those hit by that question while hunting for summer vacation hotspots, fret not. We give you the lowdown on this small town near Darjeeling, which boasts of numerous tea plantations and scenic views of the Himalayas. The Teesta watercourse flows nearby and many tourists visit this place just to enjoy adventure sports like white water rafting.

In the summer months starting March till June, you can soak in the essence of this lovely place while having a frolicking time with friends or family.

views at Bagdogra
One of the beautiful views at Bagdogra

Here are 5 solid reasons why you should fly down to Bagdogra for your next summer vacation:

1. Optimum temperature: The summer season here starts in March and ends in June. The maximum and minimum temperatures during this time are 32 and 19 degree Celsius. Pleasant or what? Monsoons here can mean heavy clouds all throughout the day, which may not give you the pleasure of being able to enjoy the sightseeing appropriately. So do not book your visit to this charming town during monsoons. Resorts near Bagdogra airport arrange sightseeing transfers and you can comfortably experience the aura of this place.

2. Best sightseeing: Summer is also the time when there will be no hindrance to your sightseeing at Bagdogra. When you land at Bagdogra Airport, first pay a visit to the Science City, which is located around 20 km from the main city. Comprising a Natural Interpretation Center, this place houses all the natural assortments of this area. Apart from this, you can also pay a visit to Coronation Bridge, Madhuban Park, Kali Mandir, and Umrao Singh Boat club.

3. Tea Plantations: The tea gardens present in Bagdogra are its assets—a visit to some of them is a must if you go there.

Bagdogra Tea Plantations
Bagdogra Tea Plantations

During summers, you can have a lovely stroll there and even understand the whole process of tea making here. In monsoons and winters, you may not find the weather conducive enough to spend some time here. Especially during monsoons, the cloudy overcasts may not let you enjoy the essence of the Tea garden as it should be. Even though the weather is pleasant, it might act as a hurdle to your visit to a tea plantation.

4. Adventure sports: Bagdogra is also known for adventure sports that are conducted on the Teesta river. If you have the mojo for white water rafting, then you need weather in which high and turbulent rapids can be enjoyed. During summers, the adventure sports conducted here reach their peak because of this fact. You can also try your hand at learning this sport provided you have enough time to devote to the place.

5. Hotel availability: Since winters and monsoon are peak season in Bagdogra, if you plan a visit here during summers, you would get handy discounts and best rooms. Moreover, sightseeing would also be a pleasure as the crowds are simply not there! Since hotels would be low on occupancy, they would be ready to offer you better services so that you book your room with them. You can take advantage of this fact and spend a blissful time here.

So, wait no more! Find out all the Bagdogra Airport information as well as what is the best way to reach it from your location. Bagdogra is a majestic place that is serene and hence ideal for a quiet sojourn away from the hustle bustle of cities. It is time you pay a visit to this little hamlet hidden in the hills.

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