Singapore as my Holiday Destination

Holiday in Singapore 

It must be fun to have a getaway to your desired destination to calm your mind after feeling worn out due to daily work tasks, right? However, in the meantime, looks like we can only enjoy our holiday inside the state. We are still not allowed to travel either out of the state or overseas as the COVID-19 pandemic is still at an alarming rate.


Recently, I have read a sharing from my friend’s Instagram account on their stories and photographs of their holiday in Singapore before COVID-19 hits. She told me that she missed going on a holiday. It is fun to read her sharing while looking at the photographs she took at the interesting places she visited. Somehow, it makes me want to visit Singapore. Hopefully, COVID-19 will alleviate soon so that I can go on holiday to any destination my heart desired to.

Among interesting photographs shared were at Universal Studio Singapore, air-conditioned park Gardens by The Bay, the biggest and among the most hi-tech aquarium in the world S.E.A. Aquarium, shopping malls in Orchard Road, the landmark of Singapore Marina Bay Sands Skypark, Merlion Park, Madame Tussauds Singapore and other places. She does lots of poses while taking pictures at these locations. I was excited and amazed looking at the photos that have successfully captured my heart.

Gardens by The Bay

I am imagining myself at those interesting places. It must be fun to be able to explore those places. As I have known all these interesting places that I can visit while in Singapore due to my friend’s posts, it will be easier for me to use them as a reference in the future.

Besides having a list of places to visit and explore, deciding on accommodations such as hotels is also one of the concerns among travellers. After exploring Singapore, our body will need enough rest. Hence, choosing the right place to stay with friends or families is a foremost task to ensure you got enough rest when travelling. Staying at a nice hotel could also be one of the memorable experiences during a holiday. This experience could be told to others and used as a reference by them.

S.E.A. Aquarium 
One of the tips to be practised by travellers before making a reservation at any hotel is to read reviews on each hotel and make rates comparison. By doing this, it helps us to choose the right and suitable hotel that matches our budget. Be sure to search hotel promotion Singapore for the best hotel rates. It would be better to find a room with a promotional rate that could save our money by a few bucks.

Orchard Hotel Singapore

I think one of the hotels that you guys should check out is Orchard Hotel Singapore. I find it majestic and beautiful. I am in awe of the decoration and interior design of the hotel especially their rooms. They look luxurious and complete with a lot of amenities that will provide comfort to their customers. A lot of customers have given their positive reviews after their stay at the hotel.

Orchard Hotel Singapore

Having a holiday in Singapore sounds interesting, right? I cannot wait to travel to that country. But, we have to wait for the right time and not during this pandemic. If we would like to plan for a holiday, we should plan it carefully. The time spent for a certain holiday might not come again at other times in the future. So let's plan for our next trip to Singapore.

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Safdie Architects

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  1. Wow 🤩 amazing Singapore

  2. Lama tak gi singapore.. Dulu selalu juga ke singapore last pegi thun 2012..hihi

  3. Lama tak jejak kaki kat Singapore Last stay sana masa tahun 1990. Mesti banyak yang berubah kan. Kalau border dah bukak memang nak pergi sana

  4. Rindunya nak travel. Sg dah buka sempadan ke ek utk tourist?

  5. Baru rancang nak bercuti sini,tak sangka ada covid. hope one day akan buka utk pergi travel. Teringin nak pergi Singapore

  6. pernah pi singapore tp x pernah bermalma disne

  7. teringin nk hi singapore.. moga lepas ni ada rezeki p sana..

  8. Bila la nak sampai singapore ni..ada rezeki nanti hope dapat jejak..teringin jalan2 sana..

  9. Kak Sue memang teringin juga nak pi Singapore nie Mai.. Nanti dah habis semua hal pandemic nie, boleh lah kita plan cuti kita..

  10. Salah satu wishlist kak ana nak ke singapura. Harap one day dpt lah ke sana.

  11. Rindula nak travel... lepas pendemik nih kalau ada pakej menarik nak booking siap-siap

  12. Wow i miss Singapore also, going to go there again when the travel ban is lifted

  13. Bila la nk g singapore nie.. mmg byk tpt menarik tu..

  14. Pernah sekali pergi singapore. Tapi dah lama sangat, masa 2007 kalau tak silap. Mesti banyak perubahan dah tu kan..


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